120x140 cm

Meet me in my bubbel, after Thomas Eakins’ The Agnew Clinic

120×140 cm
100x120 cm

Ophelia, after Sir John Everett Millais

100×120 cm
80x100 cm

Outside, white network

80×100 cm
100x140 cm

In Between, purple network

100×140 cm
120x140 cm

Blue Green Conversation

120×140 cm
60x90 cm

Green Conversation 1

60×90 cm
100x120 cm

The Conductor

100×120 cm
120x145 cm

Forgive my tears, after Dez Mona

120×145 cm
120x145 cm


120×145 cm
130x180 cm

Thymos, after Plato’ human character

130×180 cm
90x160 cm

Wondering, after Hellen Lewitt

90×160 cm
90x105 cm

Green Conversation 2

90×105 cm
2 x  65x200 cm

La Solitudine, the grey zone

2 x 65×200 cm
100x100 cm

IKEA dreamers

100×100 cm
70x80 cm

Breathless 1, war

70×80 cm
80x70 cm

Breathless 2, in love

80×70 cm
40x30 cm

Breathless 3

40×30 cm
140x100 cm

Breathless 4, ficus

140×100 cm
50x50 cm

Spiders under zero

50×50 cm
80x60 cm

White F. Bolstr.

80×60 cm
78x70.5 cm

Lovers Bubble

78×70.5 cm
25x75 cm

Russian Granny's, Connection 2

25×75 cm
50x75 cm

Friends on a bench

50×75 cm
140 x 190 cm


140 x 190 cm
50x40 cm

Dancing 1

50×40 cm
50x50 cm

Dancing 2

50×50 cm
50x50 cm

Dancing 3

50×50 cm
80x80 cm

Dancing 5

80×80 cm
50x50 cm

Dancing 4

50×50 cm
30x30 cm

The conductor 1

30×30 cm
35x30 cm

the conductor

35×30 cm
30x30 cm

MicroSphere 2

30×30 cm
2x  25x80 cm

Looking for connection

2x 25×80 cm
60x50 cm


60×50 cm
50x50 cm


50×50 cm
40x60 cm

Little conversation

40×60 cm
130x100 cm

The Journey, Hockney

130×100 cm
100x100 cm

The Grey Zone, cactusman

100×100 cm
60x90 cm

Lost in Pubirty, Isabelle

60×90 cm
75x70 cm

Generation bubble

75×70 cm
30x24 cm

The conductor 2

30×24 cm
40x85 cm

Newspaper men on a bench

40×85 cm


“The question of WHERE we are is more meaningful than ever and more important than the question of WHAT we are. We need to focus on the place that people create to be who they are. This place I have given the name atmosphere. Spheres are space creations that act as immune system.“ from Spheres by Peter Sloterdijk
The series Spheres is inspired by the Spheres triology of Peter Sloterdijk.

Our current society is about group formation, lifestyle, marketing. It’s fast, casual and consists of several Spheres: bubbles, temporary identities, networks of connectivity. Sometimes you feel you are inside the network and another time you are excluded.

Spheres are not anchored spots, but fleeting places. Personal creations and relationships that express an atmosphere through colours and boundaries. They are about appearance, perception and believe. The Sphere interpret a temporary thought, mood and determinates our identity (individual / group / society).

The colour determines the atmosphere, it provokes a visual identity and appearance to a situation. Spheres has its own colour palette of (neon)green and violet. A colour combination that doesn’t match but seduces to look longer.

A Sphere is visible in a conversation, a situation or intimate moment between people.