Kunstsalon IJL

30.05.2021 – 20.06.2021 Hinter den Schatten (City Spheres SO36) is part of this Art Salon at Galerie Noord about the impact of Covid-19 for the artist’s work and creation process. The exhibition is open if possible Wednesday / Sunday 1-5 pm. Galerie Noord: Nieuwstad 6, Groningen (NL) www.galerienoord.nl

InsideOut  is an ongoing art project by Baukje Spaltro in five fazes, covering the border between psychiatry and contemporary art, painting and community art in one. It is a landscape of moods, for more awareness and acceptance of our inner world, and started from the Frysian psychiatric community itself. This community with this cyclorama of 40 meters depict an unknown and inspiring inner world to the public. It shows the many talents within psychiatry and demonstrates what a community can achieve together. And a current inspiration in our society for more solidarity and contemporary art.

09.10-22.11.2020 IOP2: InsideOut2 @ Galerie Beeldend Gesproken Amsterdam
10.10.2020: World Mental Health Day, premiere @ DeFilmHallen of film InsideOud Panorama-The Legacy and now online
07.11.2020-10.01.2021: InsideOut3 @ Adverium Drachten (nl)
26.03.2021: InsideOud Panorama – The Legacy the film as part of Caring Community Festival Amsterdam
09.06.2021-04.07.2021: InsideOut3 @ Sluisfabriek Tussendiepen 6  9206AD Drachten (nl)
07.11.2020-27.06.2021: InsideOut 3: Salon of Panoramists @ Museum Drachten (nl) 

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Artist Support Pledge Amsterdam

Rainbow 2 (City Sphere Utopia) .....  When I close my eyes I sense Edvard Munch

Rainbow 2 (City Sphere Utopia) ..... When I close my eyes I sense Edvard Munch

12.06-27.06.2021 OPEN AGAIN ASPA exhibition  De Balie Amsterdam open 1 – 5 pm but always check de website for the actual timeslots
12.12.2020 – 03.01.2021  De Balie Amsterdam, closed on 25.12+26.12+31.12+01.01 Hopefull open soon again

I made this work for the Artist Support Pledge exihibition in Amsterdam. Artist Support Pledge is a great initiative of solidarity between artists, collectors and art lovers. Solidarity and art are crucial especially in these days.
Due to COVID, many artists around the world have found themselves without work, commissions, technical support, gallery work, exhibitions and sales have disappeared. As help @matthewburrowsstudio started with this generous initiative of the #artistsupportpledge. In the Netherlands it’s initiated by Tinkebell, Mette Samkalden and De Balie. The artist posts images of his/her work to sell for no more than €200 each (shipping excluded). Now anyone can buy the work, because it’s sharp priced. Every time an artist reaches €1000 of sales they pledge to buy another artist’s work for €200.

Corona Archives

Ich komme wieder (City Sphere SO36)

Ich komme wieder (City Sphere SO36)

La Madonnina (lockdown work)

La Madonnina (lockdown work)

12.07 – 30.08.2020  Nieuw Dakota will be build into a Passage showing a growing selection of works from the Corona-archives. 
With Ich Komme Wieder from City Sphere SO36 Kreuzberg and a lockdown work La Madonnina the patron saint of Milan. 


Spheres @ Art Traverse Bilthoven

19.01.2020 – 17.03.2020 Fragile Spheres with Spheres series by Spaltro and ceramics by Welhuis&Smit – 21.02.2020 Meet&Greet – ArtTraverse www.arttraverse.nl

Painters Club

SaxRemo in Tanti @ ViaFarini Milan

SaxRemo in Tanti @ ViaFarini Milan

Unfortunately we have to postpone this event due to COVID-19 and the current health situation in Milan.
12.04.2020 from 6 pm @ VIR studio’s Viafarini-in-residence, via Carlo Farini 35, Milan – ItalyDopo il workshop di Maria Morganti per Re-Enacted Painting a cura di Milovan Farronato, dopo il ciclo di incontri La pittura è oro organizzati da Luca Bertolo, Davide Ferri, Antonio Grulli e Maria Morganti all’Archivo Viafarini, dopo l’evento Painters Club a cura di Baukje Spaltro e Drawings  from Lightninga cura di Laura Santamaria. Una nuova occasione per parlare di pittura con gli artisti che condividono gli studi di VIR Viafarini-in-residence e con gli amici con cui in questi anni ci si è confrontati.  Con Giuseppe Buzzotta, Chiara Capellini, Gianmarco Falcone, Liana Ghuk Asyan, Wilmer Harrison, Sonia Riccio, Mattia Sinigaglia, Lucy Jane Turpin, Andreas Zampella, Stefano Arienti, Marco Cingolani, Massimo Kaufmann, Rada Koželj, Iva Lulashi, Maria Morganti, Francesco Maluta, Matteo Nuti, Vera Portatadino, Laura Santamaria, Davide Serpetti e Baukje Spaltro.  www.viafarini.org

City Sphere SO36

City Sphere SO36 @ Arti - The Worldproblem & other inconveniences

10.01.2020 – 27.01.2020 The Worldproblem & other inconveniences, a group show of curator Reinder van der Woude mon-fri 12.00 – 21.00 sat-sun 12.00 – 18.00 Arti et Amicitiae: Rokin 114, Amsterdam www.arti.nl

City Sphere SO36

Gentry als Görli @ Arti Winter Salon 2019

06.12.2019 – 05.01.2020 Salon 2019 new works by the artist members of Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 114, Amsterdam www.arti.nl

City Sphere SO36

City Sphere SO36 @ SOMA Berlin

Opening 27 september 7-10 pm City Sphere SO36 by Baukje Spaltro with local interventie by Dan K Sigurd, Sabine and Gregoire Simon Open 27.09 – 4.10.2019

SOMA Art Space Liegnitzerstraße 35, Kreuzberg 10999 Berlin somaartspace.de

City Sphere BEEK

City Sphere BEEK @ Museum Hilversum

21-30.06.2019 Art Hilversum @ museum Hilversum (NL) www.museumhilversum.nl

City Sphere BEEK

City Sphere BEEK @ B53 Arnhem

An artist in residence, a presentation and an intervention in the contemporary art space B53, Broerenstraat 53 Arnhem(nl).

City Sphere BEEK City Sphere Beek is about the Genius Loci – the soul of the city- the sense of one particular street. It represents the identity of the Beekstraat in Arnhem, as a disputed space. An installation that challenges the viewer to look at their own place differently. To see and cherish the authentic of their own local identity. Artist Baukje Spaltro created the City Sphere Beek installation between 11 and 24 March 2019 in B53.

Local Intervention Wander through Language (Dwalen Door Taal)
Sunday 31st March 2019 artist Baukje Spaltro and writer Lilian Regtvoort organized a plea to the Genius Loci of Arnhem in image and language. 
A presentation of the installation City Sphere Beek by Baukje Spaltro and the intervention ‘Dwalen Door Taal’ by Lilian Regtvoort. Seven local writers of Arnhem performed a spoken tribute to the city of Arnhem. With contributions by Annelies Ibes, Daphne Braafhart, Dorien de Keyzer, Lex Loman, Lilian Regtvoort, Misha from Merkom and Pompado (Spoken Word).  www.b53.nl  facebook.com/b53art  facebook.com/lilian.regtvoort   www.schrijverscafeoscar.nl  facebook.com/schrijverscafeoscar

CS Beek DDT B53

Schwarzmalen3 @Art Chapel

Schwarzmalen3 @Art Chapel

Schwarzmalen3 @Art Chapel


04.2018   A painted investigation on the canvas, about the relation between crowdfunding and creating. Who decides? On the Dutch crowdfunding website voordekunst.nl, the project invited the public to buy a white canvas. Schwarzmalen obtained enough funding to start. Eight painters challenged the public with multiple-choice questions. The results affected the painting process of each painter. For five weeks the public and painters were connected by Schwarzmalen. City Sphere Platform One, is my investigation about the Genius Loci, the sense of Platform One, in the train station Amsterdam Zuid. A spot I frequently visited. I was interested in what would determinate my intuitive choices on the canvas; the context of Schwarzmalen (the questions/input of the public ), or the Genius Loci of the platform? The Schwarzmalen painters were: Marieke Hunze, Harke Kazemier, José Krijnen, Astrid Moors, Marja van Putten, Baukje Spaltro, Saskia Tannemaat and Rob Visje. Schwarzmalen is a project by Marja van Putten and Astrid Moors. Schwarzmalen 3 was a groupshow in Art Chapel (Amsterdam NL) in april 2018.  www.schwarzmalen.nl   www.kunstkapel.nl