Curriculum Vitae

Born 01.06.1967 in Milan (I). Works in Amsterdam (nl)
Bilderdijkstraat 163, 1053 KP Amsterdam  +31619716114  

2017    ENGAGE Public Art School  Viafarini (Milan I)
2002    Post-BA course Project Management  Hogeschool Amsterdam 
1997    MA painting Academia Belle Arti di Brera prof. F. Breschi (Milan I)
93/94   MA painting Phil Bloom en Jurriaan van Hall (Amsterdam)
1991    Art enterprise, entrepreneurship is an Art course (Amsterdam)
86/90   BA painting + theater design  Academy of Arts Hogeschool voor de Kunst Utrecht (NL)

Exhibitions (selection)
2022    City Sphere Schalkwijk, Co-creation @ De Vishal (Haarlem NL)
2020    Fragile Spheres Baukje Spaltro and Welhuis&Smit @ Art Traverse (Bilthoven NL)
2019    City Sphere SO36 @ SOMA Art Space (Berlin), City Sphere BEEK B53 with Dwalen Door Taal (Arnhem)
2018    InsideOut Panorama (Cultural Capital Leeuwarden/Friesland),CITY SPHERE KNSM (Amsterdam)
2017    CITY SPHERES: Viafarini (Milan I), CITY SPHERES Galerie BMB (Amsterdam)
2016    CITY SPHERES: B-Galleria (Turku, Finland) and ‘Spheres’ Barker Theater (Turku, Finland)
            H-LAB CITY SPHERE BIJLMER (Amsterdam SouthEast), INCANTO, Open Stal (Oldeberkoop NL)
2015    Den Nieuwen Helder  Kunsthal45 (Den Helder  NL) and Westerdok (Amsterdam)
            LA DOLCE VITA Dikker&Thijs Art Gallery (Amsterdam)
2012    BAUC  Jan van Bremen Instituut, Reade (Amsterdam), VERBINDING Inforsa/Jellinek clinic (Amsterdam)
2011    PANORAMA: KIJK KIJK  STOPERA (Amsterdam), INCANTO Gallery Ruimte Remmelink (Delft)
2010    PANORAMA  RETORT ART SPACE (Amsterdam)
2009    INCANTO Artspace MHT9 (Amsterdam), INCANTO Gallery Klinik GUT (St Moritz CH)

2021     Spiegelingen  @projectspace BMB (amsterdam) 
             Kunstsalon IJL @Galerie Noord (Groningen NL)
             Artist Support Pledge Expo @DeBalie (Amsterdam),
             Love for Sale auction by DeadDarlings @W139 (Amsterdam)
2020     InsideOut IOP2 (Amsterdam), InsideOut Panorama IOP3 (Drachten NL)
             Saremo in Tanti: PaintersClub2 about contemporary painting, Viafarini (Milan Italy)
             The worldproblem & other inconveniences  by Reinder van der woude @Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam)
             Corona Archives @ Nieuw Dakota (Amsterdam)
2019     Zomerexpo Europa @ Museum de Fundatie (Zwolle NL), Cotensted Space Project @B53 (Arnhem NL),
             Win Win @ Kunsthal45 (Den Helder NL), Art Hilversum @ Museum Hilversum (Hilversum NL)
2018     CS Paltform1 @ Art Chapel (Amsterdam), Colorfull City @ Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam)
             Onderweg CSKNSM @ Loods6 (Amsterdam), CS Civic Pride @ Bijlmer Museum (Amsterdam)
2017     Painters Club VIR curated by Spaltro and MARS, Milan Artist Run Space (Viafarini Milan I)
             Salon Arti et Amicitae (Amsterdam), museum waterland (Purmerend NL)
2016     Noord-Hollandse Biënnale, Kunsthal 45 (Den Helder NL), My Amsterdam WG-kunst (Amsterdam)
             AIR 2016 presentation CIVIC PRIDE (CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam SouthEast)
             Imagining New Eurasia: Here, There, and Everywhere  The Asian Culture Centre (Seoul, South Korea)
             Roberto Zambelli Torre Strozzi (Perugia I)
2015     SIZE MATTERS multi solo, We Like Art i.s.m. TETEM (Enschede NL)
             Today everything is very strange (Alice in wonderland) Fondazione Arte Contemporanea Cittadella (I)
             AiR! Kunsthal 45 (Den Helder NL)
             Goodbye B.Bottelier, Sanquin Art Collection (Amsterdam)
             Now you are hanging, Arti et Amicitea (Amsterdam)
2014     2000 Maniacs, Art Verona, curated by Lorenza Boisi and Andrea Bruciati (Verona I)
             BG Art Award 2014 (Amsterdam)
             OP REIS, ID Artist Collective Hamme (B) & INART Lemmer (NL)
2013     Labyrint’ Museum Comenius (Naarden Vesting NL),OP REIS’, Gallery de Ploegh, Soest (NL)
2012     COMBAT PRIZE’ Museo Arte Comtemporanea,Villa Mimbelli. Livorno (I)
             SCHETCHIKA’ Spazio San Giorgio Bologna (I), Incubate 2012 (Tilburg  NL)
2011     New Acquisitions, SBK Amsterdam  (NL), Water&Tegenwind, Kunsthal52 (Den Helder  NL)
             LA LUCE VERDE Gallery BMB (Amsterdam), New Acquisitions AA Kerk, CBK Groningen
             BG Artprize (Loods 6 Amsterdam),Patron Saints Museum Comenius & Meertens Institute (NL)

Publications / Catalogues
2019    El magazine (NL)
2018    InsideOut Panorama catalogue + film (NL)
2017    City Spheres catalogue (NL)
2014    ZIN article about artists Tetterode (NL)
2013    LandEscape Art Review SPHERES  (USA)
2012    Combat Art Prize 2012 Livorno (I)
2011    La Luce Verde, BMB Gallery Amsterdam
2010    Patron Saints PUB ART Hilversum
            Sanquin Pur Sang – Collectie Catalogus
            Binnen was Buiten by Paul Kempers
2009    Op zoek naar het groene konijn DVD (NL)
2008    BG Prijs (Amsterdam)
2007    Celeste Art Prize (Rome I)
            Art Karlsruhe 2007 (D)
            State of Art 06/07 (Amsterdam)
            Breitner Amsterdam Under Contruction (NL)
2005    SIART Biennale (LaPaz Bolivia)
<2004  Kunstrai (Amsterdam)
            10 years BMB (Amsterdam)
            Begegnungen Niederlande (Berlin D)
            Kunst 98 (Zurich – CH)

2018   Iepen Mienskip Award (Leeuwarden NL)
2015   Finalist Premio Zambelli 2015 (Perugia I)
2012   Finalist Premio Combat 2012 (Livorno I)
08/11/14  Nominated Beeldend Gesproken Nationale Kunstprijs
2007   Nominated Celeste Art Prize (Rome I)
2005   Ritz Honourprize, International Art Biennale SIART (LaPaz Bolivia)
2002   Koninkijke Subsidie voor vrije Schilderkunst, nominated (Amsterdam)
1995   One Hour Kunst Ere Diploma, Arti et Amicitae (Amsterdam)

Achmea Art Collection
CBK Groningen
Foundation Beeldend Gesproken
Marti-Brummelkamp Collection
Marti Clerici Foundation
Municipy of Amsterdam Town Collection
Pink Roccade Art Collection
Sanquin Art Collection
SBK Amsterdam
TTG Art Collection and
Versteeg Advocaten Art Collection
Corporate and private collections

Projects / Assignments
2015<  City Spheres: AIR –  Amsterdam – Arnhem – Berlin – Den Helder – Haarlem – Milan and Turku. 
2020    Curator ‘The Inner world’ De BINNENWERELD @ Beeldend Gesproken Gallery Amsterdam (NL)
2020    Curator ‘Panoramisten’ @ Museum Drachten (NL)
2020    Artistic director and artist of InsideOut Panorama, IOP2  Amsterdam and IOP3 Drachten 2020 (NL)
2018    Artistic director and artist of InsideOut Panorama, IOP1 Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018 (NL)
2017    Founder Painters Club, one evening public event by Italian painters inspired by Pecha Kucha
2014    Bittersweet Emotions art installation with graffiti artist and 12 patients, clinic INFORSA, Amsterdam
13/15   KEK: ceramics, private ding and art lecture, in special locations. With Peter van den Akker.
2013    Co-Creation module for municipalities in Dutch CO-CREATIE
2012    Art Advisor Kunstenaars&Co and Cultuur-Ondernemen (Amsterdam)
2012    Verbinding/Connection art installation, clinic ARKIN, Amsterdam
11/15   SPHERES, painting a new series
2011    Five Citymap art installations, Mentrum/ARKIN clinics, Amsterdam
2011    DRAWING the COAST, community art project, Cultuur Compagnie/Province Noord-Holland
2010    PANORAMA: AIR project about hard and soft landscapes (Amsterdam/St.Moritz/Tuscany)
2009    TopdeK, drawingproject in Amsterdam.  Start Associazione/Foundation NORBAU
2008    BAUC en INCANTO in Toscany : Artist-in-Residence  ‘il Frantoio’  in Montevettolini (I)
2006    BAUC project: V&D pop-up project in the centre of Amsterdam & High Court of Maastricht
2006    BAUC in the subway: art installation of 16×4 metres in the subwaystation Waterlooplein A’dam
05/07   Citymaps&Citysnacks: community art project Amsterdam La Paz (SIART: Internationale Biennale of contemporary art) 
            Citymaps at 12th International Literature Festival, LaPaz (Bolivia)
94/10   SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI, art installation, polyptych of angry saints, Vondelchurch, Amsterdam

Artist in residencies
2021    Artist-in-Residence former shop V&D Haarlem Schalkwijk (NL) 
2019    Artist-in-Residence at B53 in Arnhem (NL) and Soma Art Space (Berlin D)
2018    Artist-in-Residence at Loods6 Amsterdam and Franeker (NL)
2017    Artist-in-Residence Viafarini in Milan (I) and Amsterdam (NL)
2016    Artist-in-Residence  B-Galleria in Turku (Finland)
2016    Artist-in-Residence  H-LAB AIR, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam SouthEasth (NL)
2015    Artist-in-Residence  Kunsthal 45 Den Helder (NL)
2008    Artist-in-Residence  ‘il Frantoio’ in Montevettolini Tuscany (I)
2002    Artist-in-Residence Rotterdam (NL)

Filmed interviews about my series
2021    City Spheres,  behind the shadows 
2019    InsideOut Panorama -The legacy: a filmed document by Inge Willems about InsideOut panorama 2018 
2016    SPHERES series a filmed interview by Inge Willems
2016    Performance Spheres a collaboration with Marjan Raar 
08/15   PANORAMAS: BAUC, INCANTO, Connections a.o.

Art Advisor
2001/07  Kunstenaars&Co, Cultuur en Ondernemen (Amsterdam NL)
2010<     Artistic director Stg. Norbau
2020       Museum Art Advisor (Amsterdam NL)
2020       Advisor