the sense of Kreuzberg SO36 district in Berlin (D) -  artist in residence @SOMA Art Space in Berlin  september 2019

City Sphere SO36

the sense of Kreuzberg SO36 district in Berlin (D) – artist in residence @SOMA Art Space in Berlin september 2019

Studioworks - click this title

The studioworks are made in Amsterdam 2019-2022.
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City Sphere SO36 - Berlinworks 2019

single works of the cloud installation made in Berlin 2019 at SOMA Art Space.
45x35 cm

Baum, Liegnitzerstr.

45×35 cm
35x25 cm

Schatten, Paul-Link-Ufer

35×25 cm
135x25 cm

Geschichte, Liegnitzer Str. 35

135×25 cm
35x50 cm

Leben, Reichenbergerstr.

35×50 cm
35x25 cm

Schüsseln, Woldemar Str.

35×25 cm
30x25 cm

Feierabend, Maybachufer

30×25 cm
15x30 cm

Balkon, Heckmannufer

15×30 cm

Studioworks - click this title

The studioworks 2019-2022.
45x35 cm

Colors SO36

45×35 cm
40x25 cm

Neo Liberalism, Reichenbergerstr.

40×25 cm
25x18 cm

SO36 Colorcard

25×18 cm
20x20 cm

Bürgersteig, Reichenbergerstr.

20×20 cm
45x45 cm

Kotti, Kottbusser Tor

45×45 cm
20x35 cm

SO36 Genius Loci 1

20×35 cm
20x20 cm

SO36 Genius Loci 2

20×20 cm
60x45 cm

Die Reichen, Reichenbergerstr. 108A

60×45 cm
20x15 cm

Frieden, Reichenbergerstr.

20×15 cm
25x40 cm

U-bahn, Görlitzer Bhf

25×40 cm
35x35 cm

Oranien Platz

35×35 cm
25x25 cm

Hilfe Dir, Reichenbergerstr.

25×25 cm
25x15 cm

Party Laterne, Görlitzer Park

25×15 cm
15x15 cm


15×15 cm
In September 2019 I captured in Kreuzberg, Berlin, the sense of this SO36 district. SO36 is the old zip code of the eastern part of the Kreuzberg. With a lot of reds I captured on linen the sense of this place, that which you as a visitor immediately feel but cannot tangibly point out. I walked, photographed and painted my urban reflections. The atmosphere and the daylight of that area determined my intuitive color choice, and my timebased images of this neighborhood.

Later I discovered that Red was typical for Kreuzberg since 1900. Those days paint was expensive. So they painted light textile with beetroot. Kreuzberg soccer club still plays in wine red shirts today. According to the Romans the genius loci is the invisible soul of a place. This sacred identity should be protected and be cherished. Philosopher Peter Sloterdijk believes that the city is shaped by the residents, the create therefore the local atmosphere. He urges us to focus more on “where we are” rather than “what we are,”. I’m fascinated by the invisible identity of residential and gentrified area of European cities. There I investigate on the canvases the neighborhood as an atmosphere and as a space creation of residents.

The City Sphere SO36 cloud installation is my ode to the atmosphere, the local soul of the SO36 district. Im 1989 I experienced myself the fall of the wall in this neighborhood, I literally felt the atmosphere of history. The air crackled over the wall in disbelief, full of hope and faith in a united Europe. In 2019 at the same spot but thirty years later, Europe is in a different position. Instead of hope, there is gentrification. Cities and national identities flatten, while at a local level some neighborhoods claim the space back. Initiatives, protests and new connections arise, local identities. Especially in SO36, the genius loci is brewing, and change is coming, it is more local than global. Berlin, for me the cultural capital of Europe, has a pioneering role and the place where things can be done differently. Where the visual arts and artists take the space and forge a new local identity.

With each City Sphere, I invite to look consciously at the daily environment, which we humans (un)consciously build together. Awareness of one’s own, local identity leads to a better understanding of the other and the unknown, and results in an all-inclusive society. Through gentrification and one-sided municipal policy, the local soul of urban districts threatens to be swallowed up. I want to hear the soul of the neighborhood whisper again.
CS SO36 in progress

CS SO36 in progress

SOMA Art Space: Presentation of City Sphere SO36 by Baukje Spaltro,

A local intervention curated by Nabi Nara by local artist – spoken words by Dan K Sigurd/Sabine and music by Gregoire Simon

SOMA Art Space 27.09 – 04.10.2019

Liegnitzerstraße 35, Kreuzberg 10999 Berlin