the sense of the Beekstreet in Arnhem (nl)  -  @museum Hilversum (nl)  -  mixed media on linen  -  2x7 meters  -  2019

City Sphere Beek

the sense of the Beekstreet in Arnhem (nl) – @museum Hilversum (nl) – mixed media on linen – 2×7 meters – 2019
18x25 cm

Colorcard Beekstreet Arnhem

18×25 cm
45x30 cm

Museumnight at City Hall

45×30 cm
15x24 cm

Locus (Beekstreet)

15×24 cm
24x18 cm

The Fool

24×18 cm
30x30 cm


30×30 cm
35x35 cm


35×35 cm
45x50 cm

Eusebius church

45×50 cm
20x35 cm

Nr. 111

20×35 cm
30x40 cm

Mirror of the soul

30×40 cm
30x40 cm

UFO 1, Land van de markt

30×40 cm
60x45 cm

City Hall Arnhem

60×45 cm
24x30 cm


24×30 cm
20x30 cm

Perspective, former information center

20×30 cm
30x45 cm

Carpet, City Hall

30×45 cm
40x35 cm


40×35 cm
25x40 cm


25×40 cm
25x25 cm

The Guard, pub

25×25 cm
50x35 cm


50×35 cm
30x24 cm

Gatekeepers, police station

30×24 cm
25x18 cm

Gele Rijder, soldier

25×18 cm
35x20 cm

Tiles, B53

35×20 cm
18x24 cm

Yellow cube

18×24 cm
15x15 cm


15×15 cm
30x25 cm

Beek, brook

30×25 cm

B53  Artist in Residency

During my 10-days long artist in residence  at B53, I painted the City Sphere BEEK. B53 is a former  art space, Broerenstraat 53 in Arnhem (nl).

Wondering and walking in the Bovenbeekstraat and the Beekstraat to catch the genius loci, the sense of this street at that moment. I created this City Sphere in march 2019.


City Sphere BEEK  –  Local intervention DDT

City Sphere Beek is about the Genius Loci – the soul of the city- the sense of one particular street. It represents the identity of the Beekstraat in Arnhem, as a disputed space. An installation that challenges the viewer to look at their own place differently. To see and cherish the authentic of their own local identity.

Also at the end of my residency @B53 I set up a local intervention in collaboration with local writer Lilian Regtvoort. A painted and spoken plea to the Genius Loci of the Beekstraat in Arnhem. Together with local authors Lilian organized a Poetry Slam with the DDT installation. Seven word artists and local authors defined the local sense of that moment. each author wrote and performer a own spoken contribution about the Genius Loci of Arnhem. Al this works are represented by the DDT installation. DDT = Dwalen Door Taal, and means Wander Through Language. 

A plea to the Genius Loci of Arnhem. A presentation of the installation City Sphere Beek by Baukje Spaltro and the intervention ‘Dwalen Door Taal’ by Lilian Regtvoort. Seven Arnhem writers performed a spoken tribute to Arnhem (live or podcast). With contributions by Annelies Ibes Daphne Braafhart, Daphne Braafhart, Dorien de Keyzer, Lex Loman, Lilian Regtvoort, Misha from Merkom and Pompado (Spoken Word).  This intervention took place in B53 on 31.03.2019.      facebook/b53art     facebook/citysheres      facebook/lilian.regtvoort  facebook/schrijverscafeoscar


City Sphere BEEK & Dwalen Door Taal